Mina Hasan Formal Wear Dresses For Women 2013


Added on: 2013-05-31

Hasan first started with a small set up developing outfits for acquaintances and family which met with significant success. She then went on to start her design house in the year 2002, particularly for high fashion and later extended to consist of an exclusive range of semi-formal Prêt-à-Porter. The design viewpoint directing the Ying power Hasan brand is to create outfits that are, put simply, gorgeous and unapologetically elegant. Her decorative visual delivers high-class and deluxe, cut in traditional silhouettes, ornamented with embroidering in many designs and shades which create each item a exclusive work of art. The group at Ying power Hasan considers in generating outfits of the finest top quality and every process is intensely supervised at each level of manufacturing. With their durability relaxing in the cut and the complete of each item, all materials, rocks, and shoelaces are chosen and brought in individually to make sure a perfect top quality.

The manufacturers viewpoint is to create women more enhanced and aware of their personal design. Ying power Hasan herself considers outfits to be just one element of this - it is a common sense of poise and elegance that Ying power Hasan encourages, which doesn't just come with putting on a wonderful clothing but also holding it with elegance and womanliness. To this end, she has lately also started out a salon in a cooperation with her cousin Natasha as an expansion of her brand’s viewpoint and design. Gradually, the Ying power Hasan product aim is to become a wider-reaching way of life product to consist of decorations, décor, furniture et al. Design, she preserves, is a way of living and shows in every part of the way we are and the way we live.

Mina Hasan’s newest Haute Fashion and Prêt-à-Porter selections are available at their leading shop in Karachi - Zamzama (021 353501929) and the design home semi-formal Pret-a-Porter selection is available at their shop in Lahore on M.M. Alam Street (042 35753223). Ying power Hasan also designs an exclusive range, Noor-e-Armaan, for Indian which displays four times yearly at the Jalsa events in Bombay and Delhi. Other worldwide events consist of the yearly Shine display in Dubai and at the APPNA meeting in The united states.


Contact: minahasan@gmail.com
Flagship Store: Main Zamzama, Karachi
Branch Store: M. M. Alam Road, Lahore (adjacent to Cafe Aylanto)

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