How can dry skin be prevented?


Added on: 2012-09-11

 People in america spend immeasureable dollars each year on healthy epidermis maintenance systems that guarantee to eliminate facial lines, reduce age areas, and eliminate itchiness, shedding, or inflammation. But the easiest and most affordable way to keep your epidermis healthy and young looking is to stay out of the sun.


Sunlight is a major cause of the epidermis changes we think of as ageing - changes such as facial lines, dry skin, and age areas. Your epidermis does change with age. For example, you perspire less, leading to increased dry skin. As your epidermis ages, it becomes slimmer and drops fat, so it looks less fat and sleek. Actual components - blood vessels and bone in particular - become more popular. Your epidermis can take longer to cure when harmed.


You can wait these changes by remaining out of the sun. Although nothing can completely reverse sun damage, the epidermis sometimes can fix itself. So, it's never too late to prevent yourself from the side results of the sun.




Over time, the sun's ultra violet (UV) light loss the materials in the epidermis called elastin. The malfunction of these materials causes the epidermis to lose its ability to breeze back after extending. As a result, facial lines form. Severity also is at perform, taking at the epidermis and causing it to sag, most clearly on the face, neck, and upper hands.


Cigarette using tobacco cigarettes also performs a role in facial lines. Those that smoking tend to have more facial lines than nonsmokers of the same age, skin tone, and history of because the. The reason for this difference is not clear. It may be because using tobacco cigarettes also results in destructive elastin. Facial wrinkles improves with the amount of cigarettes and period of time a person has used.


Many items currently on the market claim to "revitalize ageing epidermis." According to the American Academia of Skin care, over-the-counter "wrinkle" lotions may ease dry epidermis, but they do little or nothing to reverse facial lines. Presently, the only items that have been analyzed for protection and efficiency and accepted by the Food and Drug Management (FDA) to cure symptoms and symptoms of sun-damaged or ageing epidermis are tretinoin lotion and co2 (CO2) and erbium (Er:YAG) laserlight therapy.


Tretinoin lotion (Renova), a vitamin A mixture available by prescribed only, is accepted for reducing the appearance of fine facial lines, mottled dark areas, and roughness in individuals whose epidermis doesn't improve with regular healthy epidermis health care and use of sun protection. However, it doesn't eliminate facial lines, fix sun-damaged epidermis, or recover epidermis to its better, younger framework. It hasn't been analyzed in individuals 50 and older or in individuals with somewhat or darkly pigmented epidermis.


The CO2 and Er:YAG laserlight therapy are accepted to cure facial lines. The doctor uses the laserlight to eliminate epidermis one part at once. Laser therapy is conducted under sedation in an out-patient surgical setting.


The FDA currently is learning the protection of leader hydroxy chemicals (AHAs), which are widely marketed to reduce facial lines, areas, and other ravages of your energy and energy, sun-damaged epidermis. Some studies suggest that they may perform, but there is concern about side results and long-term results of their use. Because individuals who use AHA items have greater understanding to the sun, the FDA suggests customers to secure themselves from because the by using sun block, dressed in a hat, or preventing mid-day sun. If you are interested in strategy to facial lines, you should talk about treatments with a skin specialist.

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